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Girls admiring a picture in the digital camera by a photographer who knows how to take good pictures.

How to take good pictures

‘How to take good pictures’ is a question many aren’t posing as photography with present day digital cameras seems so easy. And that is really true, to take good sharp pictures with the correct exposure is now much easier for everyone than ever before in history.

But I guess you want more than a picture that are like the billions of snapshots taken by millions of people without much concern for what makes a picture a real picture? Everyone should get some useful photo tips here to be able to take better pictures.

How to take good pictures of people

Most people take pictures of people, like family members and their friends. With digital cameras also build into mobile phones lots of youngsters shoot tons of pictures on the go with their mobile and most of these are pictures of people. But, honestly, many of these pictures show all too clearly that the photographer doesn’t know how to take good pictures of people. We see many of these pictures on the social websites where pictures are shared with friends and the family and also often with the rest of the online world. So, how to take better picture of people?

How to take good pictures of people shown here where a woman is taking pictures of a young man in a landscape.

Let me answer the question by focusing on what to avoid when taking pictures of people:

Don’t take messy pictures. Try to get a clear focus in the picture. You will see, that rather simple pictures are much more attractive then cluttered pictures.

Don’t be afraid to go close. A strong cropping of some pictures might give your pictures a touch of professionalism. This is easily done with many digital cameras’ zoom function – but never use the digital zoom as that is the same as cropping the digital file in the camera.

Avoid interference from the background. All too often a person seems to have a strange thing pointing out from the head, and the thing comes from something in the background. So be especially careful to avoid the distracting things around the head of people.

Don’t’ take dull pictures. When people do not wear any colourful cloths or the like, try to find just one colourful thing and place it in a natural way in the frame of the camera. At a table you might use the vase with a colourful flower and move it to what is needed. Outdoor shooting of people can be improved remarkable by moving the subject near something colourful.

Don’t have too many colours in the picture. In most cases one strong colour or two colours matching well to each other will do best in the people photo. If the same colour can turn up different places in the photo that can be perfect.

Don’t always place the main person’s head at the middle of the frame of the picture. Focus on the person’s eyes by pressing the shutter knob halfway and then reframe the picture by moving the camera so the person is around 1/3 from the left side of the picture frame. That will often add to the total impressing and make the picture much more interesting.

Don’t let the person be starring directly into your lens. Ask the person to turn the head a little to avoid only seeing the face ‘en face’. With a digital camera it is free to take more frames so do that to make sure that the person is looking as good as possible. – When taking pictures of more than one person it live up the picture if the persons are interacting in some natural way.

Don’t keep all your pictures as souvenirs from the event. Edit your pictures hard so you only keep the best pictures. - In no way show all shoots to anybody before you have weeded out the less successful pictures.

These photo tips will help most ‘photographers’ to get more good looking pictures – to make pictures that are really PICTURES and not just occasional snapshots.

More to come about how to take good pictures.

Soren Breiting alias Photo Soren


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